KKC Tokens

The KKC token is an ERC-20 utility token designed to be the digital currency in the Knoknok virtual world. KKC tokens allow users to access, trade, earn, and govern on the Knoknok gaming social platform. For example, KKC tokens can be used to participate in game tournaments, purchase and upgrade game characters, buy SPACE or other in-game digital items etc. Owning KKC tokens also gives players governance rights, which include submitting proposals, voting on key decisions such as project roadmap, new game content, additional social features, creation of prize pools, and funding of other projects within the Knoknok ecosystem.



Entrance fee

Players need to use KKC tokens to pay for game entrance fee or buy in-game assets


Winners of the gameplays are rewarded with KKC tokens

Social Activities

Pay for services

KKC tokens are used to pay for specific services in social settings, such as livestream exposures, chat house promotions to targeted audiences


Completion of social tasks are rewarded with KKC tokens


Buy and trade

KKC tokens are used to buy NFT assets such as SPACE, Cute ELF, ELF Egg, and other digital assets

Upgrading and breeding

KKC tokens are used to upgrade existing Cute ELF or breed ELF Eggs



KKC tokens are used for all secondary trading activities in marketplace



KKC tokens can be staked, by providing liquidity on Knoknok platform token holders can earn interest on their staked tokens


Governance and Voting

KKC token holders can participate in voting of key decisions such as project roadmaps, game & social functions, prize pools, treasury management and more

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