Social: Social-to-Earn

Combining the current Real-Time Communication (RTC) technology and blockchain based technology, we have developed a text and voice interactive chat room that supports up to 15 people in real-time, and an option to participate in a variety of interactive games while in the room. This new form of social model allows users to meet and interact with friends in an immersive virtual 3D SPACE, and build decentralized social networks anywhere in the world. Additionally, users will be rewarded with KKC tokens through social behaviors including creating and hosting the chat room, sharing content, maintaining relationships, inviting new users and more.

Social behaviors will be rewarded based on completion of the following actions:

Social CategoryAction OutcomeSocial Rewards

Network Establishment

Add 12 or more friends on the platform

100 KKC

Complete 1 text messaging chat

20 EKC

Complete 1 voice messaging chat

40 EKC

Network Maintenance

Create and host voice chat room for 60 minutes or more

200 EKC

Livestream for 30 minutes and more

100 EKC

Platform Contribution

Invite 1 new user to Knoknok Metaverse

20 KKC

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