Gaming & Social with Blockchain and NFTs

The gaming and social app economy is under transition, as big entertainment companies and major tech giants invest heavily into experimenting with new blockchain based play-to-earn and social-to-earn models.

The metaverse virtual world uses decentralized technology and NFTs to empower players and creators. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual assets with features of digital scarcity, security and authenticity. NFTs are uniquely identified by codes stored on a blockchain, which records the ownership of such items and can be bought or sold online. Using NFTs, any game item can be tokenized, allowing Knoknok users to trade, sell, or earn with their items through social & in-game behaviors.

Knoknok is not only a game & social metaverse for blockchain players, but also strives to attract traditional mobile users. Through the use of tokens (KKC, EKC) and NFTs (SPACE, Cute ELF, ELF Egg) we are creating a circular economy for all users (players, creators, NFT owners) interacting on the platform, and earn KKC token rewards as financial income.

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