Market Overview

Gaming and social mobile apps, in particular under the global pandemic influences, is one of the fastest growing entertainment markets as people look for more fun ways to interact with each other and spend their free time. With significant investment pouring into blockchain gaming companies, 2021 has been a noteworthy year for the growth of play-to-earn and social-to-earn, which has been considered the most influential business model since pay-to-play and free-to-play. Using blockchain as the technology base for gaming & social experience, new possibilities open up such as monetisation of player behaviors, real ownership of digital assets and decentralization of community governance.

According to the Yearly NFT Market Report 2021 published by, the total market volume for the blockchain gaming industry is $5.2 billion USD, with over 15 million new NFT assets created in 2021. The Metaverse segment, still new and in its infant development stage, totals up to over $513 million USD in market volume. To put this into perspective, the global gaming market is projected to exceed $300 billion by 2026, considering the current growth rate, the blockchain gaming industry is expected to account for nearly 10% of the entire gaming industry, a market that could easily exceed $25 billion by 2026.

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