Cute ELF Game/Social Plays

Cute ELF owners have multiple ways to earn extra KKC income, including:

  • Play mini casual games within the app

  • Join or host chat/audio rooms

  • Participate in special live events

Cute ELF owners can also unlock exclusive new features in the Knoknok metaverse, such as:

  • Exclusive Game Tournament: players need to own a Cute ELF to participate in exclusive game tournaments. The games will have a jackpot pool of KKC tokens, and will be rewarded to winners based on leaderboard scores

  • Exclusive Social Tasks: players need to own a Cute ELF to participate in exclusive social tasks and earn extra bonus rewards

  • Betting: Cute ELF owners can earn token rewards by betting on other game players. There will be a time limit on betting, and specific rules will be released in advance of each betting game. The first betting game will start in 2022 Q4, with a total of $1 million KKC token rewards distributed across different betting games in the future

  • PVP Battle Game: a Cute ELF is an elf born to compete and win. Cute ELF owners can choose to compete directly with other Cute ELFs or participate in the practice arena (single player experience) to hone their Cute ELF’s battle skills and tactics. The PVP Battle Game will be developed by the Knoknok team and released in 2023

  • Breeding: Cute ELF can breed ELF eggs and create new elfs with random features

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