Nurturing/Breeding Mechanism

Decentralization is the key to web 3.0 gaming and social ecosystems. No single entity has authority or control, and power is shifted to the community and players. For Cute ELFs, decentralization is an ongoing process.

New Cute ELFs are minted and nurtured by players, and can be further upgraded to evolve. Players can directly buy a unique Cute ELF or buy an ELF Egg to cultivate a unique Cute ELF.

Upgrades: Each Cute ELF has different abilities and attributes. Players can upgrade their Cute ELFs to perform better in Knoknok battle games, giving them a higher chance of beating their opponents.

Breeding: Players can breed Cute ELFs of different rarities using ELF Eggs.

DAO: Owners of Cute ELF or KKC tokens can vote on important decisions such as Knoknok metaverse gameplay, social missions and new features.

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