Knoknok Background

Knoknok is a gaming and social mobile app on iOS and Andriod smartphones. Since its release in April 2020, the app has served over 2 million users in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Knoknok mobile app provides users with a free and open online game and social SPACE. Through multi-person interactive Real-Time Communications (RTC) technology, we allow users to establish real connections and expand their social circles, build and share their relationship networks on the platform.

Some of Knoknok’s key performance statistics in the past:

  • Total app downloads over 2 million worldwide (Philippines 50%; Malaysia 20%; Indonesia 20%; North America 20%)

  • Total daily active users (DAUs) over 80K

  • Total game DAUs over 30K

  • 1-day user retention: 45%; 7-day user retention 35%; 30-day user retention 10%

  • Over 15% of users have average daily usage time over 90 minutes

In the past, we have developed very strong partnerships with local KOLs in South East Asia, in particular in the Philippines and Indonesia. We are currently working with over 1000 KOLs in Southeast Asia with over 50k to 5 millions Tiktok followers.

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