Our Vision

Knoknok is exploring a more innovative way to transform the traditional mobile gaming and social model in the Web 3.0 era. Using blockchain and NFT technology, we are building a decentralized platform where social users, game players, creators can all participate and earn rewards for their contributions.

We believe blockchain-based technology, tokenized economy, and true digital ownership of assets in the form of NFTs will revolutionzie the gaming & social industry. All participants should have the opportunity to profit from their social and gaming behaviors and be paid for contributing to the development and success of the platform.

Our mission is to recognize and reward user’s skill, effort and loyalty with the ability to earn cryptocurrency (KKC), and to introduce the value of blockchain and NFTs to social and game players in this new era.

In the future, Knoknok strives to become truly open and decentralized, governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where key decisions will be made by all stakeholders in the Knoknok community. Together, we will build a mobile metaverse with no central authority, where everyone can join, play, socialize and earn.

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